Our Mission

At Precision Dental Implant Laboratory, our mission is to deliver the best implant products that offer a realistic look and feel, facilitating the needs of each patient they are prepared for. Using the best technological advances in the industry, we get products to our clients faster and at lower costs than traditional implant laboratories. We want to help make the world smile — one implant at a time!

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About Precision Dental Implant Laboratory

Your Precision Dental Implant team has 70 years of combined experience in dental implant manufacturing, laboratory technologies, and health care operations. Over the years, we have helped to satisfy hundreds of thousands of dental implant clients. Our innovative use of the latest technology helps us continually improve and fit the needs of our clients.

What Precision Dental Implant Laboratory Cares About

We care about the clients that we create implants for. Each piece has the highest product quality, offers the highest level of support, and provides the maximum amount of comfort. Our laboratory is a cost-effective solution for patients with a short wait time and quick turnaround. We value our client’s satisfaction overall.

Why Precision Dental Implant Laboratory?

We understand the needs and concerns of the client. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the doctor and patient, offering free consultation and a satisfaction guarantee. We work closely with dentists and their patients to ensure the perfect fit and ensure that all the needs are met before the final product is fitted.

Our extensive knowledge in the dental laboratory and creative mindset allows us to create products and protocols that help us save time, are more cost-effective, and increase satisfaction — even in difficult cases. We have never passed on a difficult case. We care about the feel, look, and functionality of the products we create for patients.

All materials are made 100% in the USA, and our work is never outsourced. We are here for our clients when and if they need advice.

Precision Dental Implant Laboratory

Your Precision Dental Implant Staff

Lieu (Patrick) Phan

Lieu (Patrick) Phan is the CEO of Dental Implant Laboratory. In his role he takes care of all the technical aspects of the implant and titanium materials. He has over 23 years of experience working with implants including materials management, personal management, supply chain management, planning, scheduling, and production/inventory control.

Vong T. Le

Vong T. Le is the President of Dental Implant Laboratory. In his role he takes care of all crowns, bridges, and lab products. He works directly with the dentists and gives them the advice needed to rectify any problems. Vong’s previous experience has given him CAD/CAM skills and production qualifications proven important for the growth of the company.


Elaine is the CFO of Dental Implant Laboratory. Her daily role includes taking care of the financial and other operational duties within the company. She also has experience in manufacturing supplements which are critical to supporting bones and healthy teeth.

Who Loves Their Precision Dental Implants?