Frequently Asked Questions

A dental implant is a metal fixture that is surgically fastened to the jaw bone below the gums. A dental prosthesis is then affixed to that fixture, emulating the natural tooth. Metal implants anchor to the bone through osseointegration, or the bone fuses to the implanted metal.

Temporary dental prosthetics are what a dentist will use while waiting for the final prosthetic product to be completed. Depending on the materials needed and the waitlist at the laboratory, a temporary fixture may be used so that the patient doesn’t feel discomfort while they wait.

Monolithic zirconium dental restoratives are designed using CAD/CAM technology and offer high flexural strength, require a more conservative approach to dental preparation, minimize wear on the antagonists, are more visually appealing, and require less laboratory time and fittings.

If cared for correctly, many dental screw implants (the metal) can last up to a lifetime. This means that the patient would need to have regular dental screenings, brush regularly, floss regularly, and practice proper dental hygiene practices.

Dental implants do require minor oral surgery. The dentist performing the procedure will numb the mouth with a local anesthetic (some patients require a general anesthetic). The screw is then inserted into the jawbone. This may sound painful, but most patients only experience minor discomfort after a procedure. The dentist will advise you on what you should take for any discomfort you feel.

For our titanium parts, they go through an inline inspection and quality control process. If we purchase the parts outside of our lab, they are quality tested at the lab that created them, like Preat or Glidewell.

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